Let us explain

Organisational Culture is the catch phrase used to describe your company's personality. It is simply the way you do things, the way your employees relate to each other, right down to the work ethic,

So it makes sense that culture should be considered when you're selecting someone new to join your team. Some companies have a casual approach to work, others a more formal approach. One way is not better than another; it's just different.

What is Culture?

It is your company's values.

Every organisation has its own distinct culture. Your culture is all about how you operate, how you get things done and how you succeed. It is in your symbols, people and processes.

Have you ever had the feeling that a person just does not fit in?

It is a given fact that while they are adapting to your company's values, they are not as productive as they could be. In most companies, the result is either they adapt to your values over time or they leave.

The most common reason for people leaving a company in the first eight months of being employed is because they didn't fit. You would already know that employing someone is an investment. You invest your time, training and resources in each person you employ. If that person leaves your company the cost is a drain on your resources and your bottom line.

This is why in the selection process you not only want to get an employee who knows their stuff, but also fits within your organisation.

If you ignore your culture, in the selection process
you take an unnecessary gamble.