We, like you, are aware of the costly mistake of mismatching people.

Getting it right first time is the mantra of many companies.

At Sturgess & Purtill it is not just our mantra, it's our guarantee.

Over time, the knowledge about organisational culture has been refined to allow the development of practical tools.

Using an "Inventory of Cultural Values" we can identify the primary characteristics of your company's culture.

Inventory of Cultural Values

The purpose in preparing the organisational Cultural Inventory is to enable you to describe the culture (personality) of the organisation in which you work.

The culture is made up of three major parts:

Typically within each category there will be one or two values which will be predominant and which are highly valued within the organisation.

This becomes a guide in the selection process to identify the right people and achieve the best fit.

90% Success rate in Executive Selection does not just happen!

If you want the best people for your business
make sure that you talk to us!

"We invite you to improve your organisation's Executive Selection
through knowing your business culture"
-Terry Sturgess & Leo Purtill